DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – For weeks, one east Dallas community has been trying to stop the removal of decades-old trees from Casa Linda Plaza. Now, they report a compromise has been reached.

Three weeks ago, resident Taylor Slovak and her neighbors learned some of the trees were on the chopping block. It’s part of EDENS’, the company who owns the land, plan to widen some sidewalks.

Developers want to make them more pedestrian-friendly. More than 7,000 people have signed a petition trying to save the trees.

Casa Linda Plaza trees (CBS11)

“Obviously, this is a huge loss to our community,” District 9 Landmark Commissioner Krista de la Harpe said.

De la Harpe said Casa Linda Plaza’s trees provide history, character and canopy to the community.

“Those are original trees planted by the original owner of the shopping center, built in 1946,” said de la Harpe.

The concern and outpouring of disappointment led to residents meeting with EDENS staff this week to see what could be done.

“The meeting was to try and see if EDENS had another alternative design,” said de la Harpe.

Residents said they came to a compromise with EDENS. Some of the trees will still be removed from Casa Linda Plaza, but, in their place, 34 new ones will be planted. Four of the trees will be about 25 feet tall.

Slovak said planting mature trees at the plaza is an upgrade from the original smaller trees that were set to be planted.

“I think it was the best possible outcome for what we able to achieve in the extremely short time window that this happened,” said de la Harpe.

“I think when the trees are cut down there’s still going to be outcry,” said Slovak.

She believes the compromise isn’t the best possible outcome, but it’s certainly better than expected.