DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police and the Deep Ellum Foundation report there will be increased police presence in the entertainment district Saturday. More than 20 officers are expected to be out patrolling.

This comes after video was shot in July of a teen car surfing down Elm Street, vandalizing a car. The video has received national attention.

Dallas police said they again witnessed car surfing last night. They caught two teens in the act and were able to arrest one. They also made seven other arrests.

For months, there’s been concern that crime is increasing in Deep Ellum.

In May, the Elm Street bar Vinty was shut down after allegations it brought in a rough crowd. They were denied a permit needed to legally operate. Now, a new business is opening in the bar’s place. What once was Vinty Club is now Vinty Restaurant and Club.

“We’re going to be a restaurant selling tacos, tortas, burritos,” owner Mark Kirk said.

Kirk said the decision was made after Vinty Club was forced to close three months ago. Now, they’ve received a document that puts them back in business.

“We got a certificate of occupancy as a restaurant,” Kirk said. “I believe that we should have never gotten shut down in the first place.”

Dallas City Council denied the request to renew the bar’s Specific Use Permit which allowed liquor sales. The Deep Ellum Foundation, a non-profit that works to enhance and improve the area, spoke to the city council before the decision was made. They said Dallas police reported the bar brought in a rough crowd that displayed disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

“I didn’t see any change with us being here or being gone,” Kirk said.

Kirk said during the time Vinty was closed he witnessed multiple crimes on Elm Street. The latest was car surfing just feet away from his business. He said teens stomped on cars, damaging them and putting others in danger.

“For the people that said that we were the cause of the problem in Deep Ellum, Deep Ellum has been Deep Ellum since the 90s,” Kirk said.

CBS 11 News did reach out to the Deep Ellum Foundation to get their thoughts on the reopening. They declined to comment.