BOLOGNA, ITALY (CBSDFW.COM) — Police in Italy say at least two people have died in an explosion on a highway near the northern city of Bologna that collapsed part of a raised highway.

Police also said in a statement Monday that between 60 and 70 people were injured, some with serious burns, when a tanker truck carrying explosive materials was in a traffic accident.

The news agency ANSA said the tanker was carrying liquefied petroleum gas.

Video provided by the Italian State Police shows a tanker truck burst into flames after colliding with another truck on a highway.

GALLERY – Tanker Explosion

The video also shows a second — much larger — explosion as the contents of the tanker truck appear to ignite.

The massive explosion and shock wave were also captured on cell phone video by at least one driver who was stopped to avoid the accident.

Police closed off the road where the incident happened and authorities are investigating the cause of the accident and explosion.

Video Captures Massive Explosion In Italy; At Least 2 Dead, 60 Injured

Aftermath Of Massive Explosion In Italy; At Least 2 Dead, 60 Injured




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