DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Crews are continuing to clean up damage a water main break left behind early Friday morning at Elm and St. Paul.

A 12-inch cast iron pipe ruptured, buckling the sidewalk and sending water directly into The Residences at 1900 Elm. It caused part of its first floor and a parking garage to flood. Some residents said they’re not happy with how the situation is being handled.

“The building failed,” one resident, who didn’t want share his identity in fear of retaliation, said. “The building didn’t communicate. They did not let the residents know what was going on. It was flooding into our main lobby. It was covered in sand, dirt and debris. The garage was flooded. Our basement had almost a foot, foot and a half of water in it.”

He said from about 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. the building lost power.

“We were walking up and down dark stair cases that were wet and slippery without any lights, without any supplies or anything,” he said. “It was really scary. They didn’t tell us when the power would be back and we were just left in the dark literally for the entire day. It was terrifying.”

He said residents made attempts to contact apartment management but didn’t hear back from them until later that afternoon when they acknowledged the break and said they were working to find out more.

“I thought they did the best they could, 1900 Elm resident Matt Stevenson said. “They came to us with what they knew, when they knew it.”

CBS 11 News reached out to Pace Realty, who manages the property, and is waiting to hear back.

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  1. That is the most entitiled story I have ever seen. A water main broke. The power was out. It happened in the daytime. The building is 6 stories tall. The place where you park got wet. Cars are waterproof up to the bottom of the tires. Sit down, play with your toys and let the adults get on with it.

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