FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A heartfelt community came together to help a North Texas band after thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment and instruments.

The local band lost it all before a gig that almost didn’t happen. Big Joe Walker is feeling the blues on a backup guitar.

“You’re back at zero. What did you have when you had zero at the start? You had passion. Okay, I still got that,” said Big Joe Walker.

His heart is heavy after his band’s trailer vanished from his Oak Cliff driveway.

“Friday morning, I was there around 6. I pulled in the back to come hook it up, and it was gone around 10,” he said.

Inside the trailer were instruments and equipment that he collected over the years. He didn’t want to believe $60,000 worth of instruments and equipment was stolen.

“First thing in my head, I said, ‘Oh Lord, I hope it didn’t roll down the hill and hit someone’s house,'” said Big Joe Walker.

Community members and an anonymous local musician rallied behind band by donating instruments and equipment so the show could go on.

“It’s so cool to see that there’s a lot of people like that,” said Big Joe Walker.

The theft took an emotional and financial toll.

“The way we make our living is playing shows and selling merchandise. All of our merchandise is gone. I hope they at least wear the t-shirts and advertise for us, you know,” he said.

Big Joe Walker said the band lost everything except for their love of music.

“I really pray that it’s going to come back… the mindset is, it’s happened. What’re you going to do to continue putting on great shows and continue getting out there for our fans,” said Big Joe Walker.

Dallas police are investigating the theft after he filed a police report. So far, there has been no sign of the trailer or any suspects.

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