IRVING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A new policy allowing arm and leg tattoos on uniformed police officers to be visible s the latest recruitment tool being used by the Irving Police Department.

“You go to our recruiting events our entrance exams 60-70 percent of everybody coming through the door these days has some form of art work,” said Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey.

Chief Spivey said the change in policy also reflects modern day societal norms that no longer consider tattoos to be taboo.

“Tattoos doesn’t change the professionalism of the man or woman answering that call for service,” he said.

The department tweeted a link to a video of Chief Spivey explaining the policy.

The post said, “We wanted to make you all aware of the recent changes to our tattoo policy.”

Chief Spivey said the department currently has about 350 police officers, and every year they lose up to 30 due to retirement.

He said relaxing the tattoo policy should not only attract new candidates to the department, but keep those already on the force who will no longer have to conceal their body art.

“We hire people based upon their character, based upon their integrity, based upon their ability to do the job the way we’ve trained them to do.”

Irving Police officer with tattoo (Irving PD)

The policy only applies to arm and leg tattoos as well as a ring finger tattoo.

Face and neck markings are still not allowed.