THE COLONY (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas police department is putting officers’ pictures on trading cards and hoping people will get to know the men and women behind the badge.

It’s a collection of faces and facts to help start a conversation.

“Hi Carlos, my name’s Officer Henderson with The Colony PD. Have you heard of the cards we’re passing out?” asked Officer Henderson.

Carlos Herrera was excited to collect his first card.

“It’s just like handing out stickers. Something cool to look at, something kids get excited for,” said Herrera. “It makes me feel welcome in The Colony.”

The trading cards are a tool to build trust, friendship and communication in the community.

Kids can request cards, or the officers hand them out, which often leads to questions.

“How long have you been a police officer? What is your job?” asked Rick De La Cruz, Community Resource Officer. ” ‘Hey, what’s your favorite doughnut?’ That’s one of my favorite questions that I get a lot also.”

Some of the stats include awards, hobbies and assignments.

The department introduced the program in the ’90s.

“Most of the officers who are still here, who worked in the early ’90s are supervisors. It’s also great to have your supervisors’ old photo and giggle and laugh,” said De La Cruz.

Police said the trading cards were such a big hit that the department brought them back this year.

The goal is to make sure every officer has their own card.

“You always want, especially with the kids, to have a good relationship. It makes you feel really good,” said De La Cruz.

Dispatchers, animal control and detention officers also have their own cards.