ANNA, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) –  The Anna Police Department launched an initiative Monday to try to help keep children, pets and pedestrians safe in neighborhoods.

Drive Like Your Kids Live Here is a national awareness program with a mission to provide a safer environment for children and all pedestrians.

Anna Police implemented it on the first day of school.

“Our goal is to remind people that children and pets are present in the neighborhoods and to pay attention and slow down,” said Police Chief Jeff Caponera.

The speed limit in residential areas throughout Anna is 25 mph. In some of the older neighborhoods the streets are narrower; vehicles parked along those roads reduce visibility and add another significant hazard, the Chief pointed out.

“It’s not uncommon for children to be riding skateboards, bicycles, or scooters, or playing in the front yards. Distracted driving and speeding are the leading causes of accidents in Anna. We are hoping that drivers will see the bright red signs and heed the message,” Chief Caponera said.

Anna Police partnered with Drive Like Your Kids Live Here and acquired 250 yard signs and 30 metal reflective signs.

Anna Police Department sign (Anna PD)

The yard signs are available for purchase through the Police Department, 101 S. Powell Pkwy., or online here. at.

Signs may be picked up at the Police Department or can be delivered to your front door.

The metal signs will be installed by Anna’s Public Works Department at the entrance to each neighborhood.

For more information on the program, click here or contact Lt. Pete Copin at 972-924-2848.