UPDATED: September 5, 2018  8:20 PM

UPDATE: Latest statement from Monarch Utilities:

“Today, Sept. 5, one of the valves on the remaining two pumps stopped functioning properly, causing water pressure to drop below the state required minimum. The repair is scheduled for today, but in the meantime, we are issuing a boil water notice for the area to ensure the safety of our customers. Bacteriological samples will be submitted as soon as the repair is complete and we will notify our customers as soon as the boil water notice has been lifted. These equipment failures may cause the water to be cloudy or discolored.

If you are experiencing cloudy or discolored water, please contact us at 866-654-7992 and we will send a utility operator to investigate.  

We sincerely apologize to our customers for these inconveniences. Delivering clean, safe, reliable water to our customers is SouthWest Water Company’s top priority.”

JOSHUA, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Johnson County community said they’re experiencing major water issues.

Those who live in a neighborhood northwest of Joshua off Sky Road said, for about the last two weeks, their water has either been murky white, brown or won’t even turn on.

“It doesn’t look good to me,” Jennifer Williams said. “When the water comes out brown, it’s repulsive. We pay for service and we’re not getting it.”


She said all of her neighbors are experiencing the same problems she is.

“There’s a lot of us,” Williams said. “I would say at least 2,500.”

The community uses SouthWest Water Company’s services and said it’s their only option.

In the the last couple of days they’ve noticed signs in their neighborhood saying they need to conserve water.

“There’s nothing informing us what is going on,” Jason Jones said. “I’m extremely disappointed.”

Jones said they haven’t been able to get someone from SouthWest Water Company’s corporate office to tell them what’s causing the water issues and when the problem will be fixed.

“People got families, we got kids out here,” Rudy Venegas said. “We just want water.”

Williams and her neighbors said, for now, they’re relying on bottled water.

“I even give my dogs bottled water,” Williams said. “We have to go to hotels to get showers. We’re hoping for some answers soon.”

SouthWest Water Company operates in six states and serves several communities in counties across Texas.

Terry Benton, Director of Operations for Monarch Utilities, released the following statement Monday afternoon:

“Monarch Utilities’ water system in Joshua, TX, experienced several leaks over the past two weeks. This system serves 560 connections in the Crowley 1 Acre neighborhood. Leaks are not uncommon and can be caused by pressure, extreme weather, trees or other external forces. As we worked to repair these leaks, customers may have experienced changes in water pressure, as well as some sediment in their water. We sincerely apologize for these inconveniences and assure our customers that these are normal occurrences when a water line is repaired. Customers still seeing sediment in their water should let the water run until it is clear. Water is safe for consumption.

On Saturday, Sept. 1, one of three wells that serve the same area was damaged. We had a repair technician out on Sunday, Sept. 2 to assess the issue, and it was determined that the well needs a new pipe, pump and motor. On Sunday, Monarch Utilities issued a Stage 3 drought restriction to conserve water. Repairs are scheduled to be completed by Friday, Sept. 7. Water pressure currently still meets the required state minimum.”