(CBS Local)– Hurricane Florence is quickly approaching North Carolina and South Carolina. While many people are abandoning their homes and their states, one man won’t be going anywhere.

57-year-old Masten Cloer from Hudson, North Carolina will be staying on his boat during the hurricane.

“We’re pretty far from the beach,” Cloer said. “But all water rises together.”

Cloer’s boat named Later is located about two miles from the Atlantic shore of Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina. Other boat owners are securing their boats and getting as far away from the area as they can. Steve and Jill Forsythe have prepared their boat for the monster hurricane headed their way.

“We’re not going to stay for this one,” Jilly Forsythe said. “We’re going to head west to get out of the flood zone and then head north.”

While Cloer says some of the older people in his area are worried about the storm, he said he could leave the area if the storm becomes too violent.