DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – New places to eat and drink could soon arrive at Dallas Love Field.

On Monday afternoon, the Dallas City Council’s Government Performance and Financial Management Committee approved a new plan.

Airport administrators say they need the additional places for travelers to eat and drink because the city has been losing out on potential sales.

It’s a problem the City of Dallas has noticed.

People won’t grab a bite to eat or something to drink if they think it will take too long.

So now, the city says it has a plan to increase food and beverage options at Love.

Expanding the patios at both the Chili’s and Cantina Laredo restaurants, replacing the Billy Bob’s store with the airport’s second Fly Bar, adding a sit-down restaurant in the existing art gallery, and adding drink kiosks at each end of the terminal.

The Director of the Department of Aviation, Mark Duebner says, “The growth at Love Field has been so explosive and we’ve been playing catch up basically since October of 2014. We know we’re losing sales, and we know that some of our customers can’t quickly and conveniently get something to eat at our peak times.”

Liz and Troy Conlin of Dallas say they’ve noticed the problem.

“The lines at Chick-Fil-A and Whataburger were super long. So we ended up going somewhere it was maybe our second and third choice just because the lines were really long where we wanted to go,” said Liz.

Troy said, “Usually, the lower priced meals have the longest lines so you’re either forced to the expensive ones or the ones you don’t really care for.”

Sam Young gave up waiting in line for coffee altogether. “I’m just going to wait for my flight and go get my free coffee on the plane.”

By law, money the city raises at the airport must stay at the airport.

But Councilman Lee Kleinman says the city can use some of it for airport-related items, including traffic around it. “There’s been discussions like creating a north entrance to the airport across Bachman Lake and airport funds can be used for that so we can help with traffic management around the airport with that money.”

The full city council will now consider the plan late next month.

Duebner says some of the additional places could open in time for spring break in March.

As another example of growth at the airport, a new parking garage is set to open by November 1.