DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The man shot twice in the back by a Mesquite Police officer ten months ago, testified Wednesday during the criminal trial against fired officer Derick Wiley.

“I tell you don’t shoot me, and you shot me,” Lyndo Jones said before a Dallas County jury.

Lyndo Jones testifies in Derick Wiley’s aggravated assault trial (CBS11)

Jones recounted the evening he was sitting on his truck in a Mesquite parking lot. He admitted to smoking marijuana and cocaine, when he he heard the voice of a man cursing him. “He said, I will f…ing (expletive) shoot you. I was scared. I didn’t know he was police,” Jones testified.

Wiley, his hands and voice captured in body cam video shown to jurors, has his gun drawn, loudly commanding Jones to get out of his truck and get on the ground. The video records Jones responding with “Yes sir” and “Don’t shoot me” statements during the ordeal.

As Wiley has Jones on the ground, Jones asks, “What are you doing?”

He frees himself from Wiley’s hold while on the ground, and attempts to run away. Wiley fires two shots. Both hit Jones.

Derick Wiley mug shot

In another recording, a Mesquite Police investigator listens to Wiley’s narrative of the shooting incident.

“When he swung up his hands, I thought there could be a weapon. And I thought, he’s gonna kill me. And I fired,” Wiley said.

Prosecutors say the fired police officer used excessive force, and shot a man who was sitting in his own vehicle.

Testimony continues Thursday.