FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fed up and letting the world know about it.

East Fort Worth homeowners off Randol Mill Road near I-820 say they’re afraid their houses will flood when it rains again.

They say they’ve done everything they can and one homeowner is now resorting to displaying a huge LED sign to air grievances.

FW neighborhood flooding LED sign (CBS11)

The sign, showing a flooded neighborhood and cautioning potential homeowners to beware, has been on display for a second day now.

The homeowners say this was their last resort after they watched inches of water rolling down a ridge toward them last time it rained.

“It is a rather helpless feeling to be standing on the front porch and watch water accumulate,” said Mark Singletary.

That’s when Singletary took action.

He built the LED sign on his lawn.

FW neighborhood flooding LED sign (CBS11)

He lives on Randol Mill Road near Cooks Lane at the bottom of hill. The ridge above him, currently being cleared of oak trees as old as Texas itself, isn’t soaking up water the way it did when the trees were still there. Trees are being cleared to make way for a new neighborhood.

“That’s what it is right now, and not all of the trees have been cleared out of there yet, but they will be,” said homeowner Lori Siverson. “Then when the homes go in and you add the streets, the driveways, the rooftops, I would only imagine that it’s going to be worse.”

Their mostly rural neighborhood doesn’t currently have drainage for storm water. He couple says they don’t want to stop development, but they believe the city or developer should add drainage before construction goes on.

“As Fort Worth continues to grow, as all of Texas continues to grow, we are going to be faced we are going to be faced with the same problem,” said Singletary.

The couple and their neighbors have gone to their city council member and city council meetings. Residents say they’ve been told to wait while the city conducts studies. CBS 11 did reach out to the city for comment but have not received a reply.

Singletary bought flood insurance after storms less than two weeks ago, but it doesn’t kick in for 30 days.

Neighbors support the LED sign since they have similar concerns. Neighbors says they say representatives from the City of Fort Worth looking at neighbor’s property that was under water two weeks ago.