DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you attend this year’s State Fair of Texas and ride the rides, there’s a good chance you’re putting your safety in the hands of Rusty Fitzgerald.

The VP of Operations for the State Fair of Texas is in charge of making sure more than 75 rides are safe.

Fitzgerald has personally handpicked all 75 rides that come to the fair for the last 18 years.

He has a team of eight inspectors some of whom are mechanical engineers.

State Fair of Texas ride inspections (CBS11)

They have spent the last two days carefully looking over every one of the rides, right down to the bolts and screws.

“Look at the paint on the rides look at all of the light bulbs and make sure they’re working,” said Fitzgerald.

The inspections include X-ray technology to make sure the metal parts will hold up to 12 hours of operation for 24 days.

The State Fair isn’t immune to accidents but it touts some of the highest safety standards anywhere. 

“It’s a challenge,” said Fitzgerald. “I get to do something different every day Its outside I don’t have to stay in the office you get to make people’s day.”