FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – If there’s a pothole on your street you always swerve around or swear about, Fort Worth has a promise for you. Report it and it will be fixed, in two days.

Four new road crews are now on patrol around the city, focused strictly on pothole repairs. Their goal is to respond and fix the problem, within 48 hours.

pothole repair in Fort Worth (CBS11)

Residents who report potholes online or over the phone, will now have that information go directly to crews in the field. The teams carry tablets, that populate in real time with the work orders.

If a new report comes in around the corner from where crews are working, it will slide up the list so they can get to it quickly.

In the first few months, crews have been getting 60 percent of potholes repaired in 24 hours, but that was before the program was made public.

The reorganization comes after a city survey in 2017 showed street maintenance was a top priority for residents. Forty-five percent of respondents were dissatisfied with the job the city was doing though, and the satisfaction was trending down.

Crews will repair holes as they find them, but the work will largely be prompted by reports from residents.

“Our limited crews don’t have the ability to survey every street in the city of Fort Worth,” said transportation superintendent Juan Cadena. “So we really need the citizens help here.”

Cadena said other cities in Texas have used dedicated crews successfully to address pothole problems.

The new crews will not be able to respond though, to large road failures. They will focus on anything that’s about two to three feet square. Anything larger will be recorded as a base failure, and a different crew will have to be called out to repair it.

Other than just improving your commute, Cadena said part of the strategy is responding to small holes and repairing them quickly, before they lead to those larger problems.

They estimate they could be repairing as many as 15,000 holes annually.

Residents can report the holes online, using the “Report” button at the top of the city web page. They can also call 817-392-1234 to make reports over the phone.