DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The man accused of killing a UT Dallas student says he deserves a death sentence.

That’s one of the many extraordinary statements made in an interview from jail with Jeremy Todd Meeks who offered his explanation for the murder of 24-year-old Lin Wang.

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Meeks said he spent time in a mental hospital before his deadly knife attack on Wang who had been out walking her dog.

What Jeremy Todd Meeks is, is what society fears most. A man capable of a random, senseless murder.

J.D. Miles: Why did you kill this girl?

Meeks: “No reason whatsoever.”

Jeremy Todd Meeks talks to J.D. Miles from the Dallas County Jail

Meeks spoke to CBS11 from the Dallas County Jail after his arrest for killing Wang.

Meeks admits to following Wang and her dog into her apartment on Churchill Way last week where he stabbed the UTD student along with Wang’s roommate who survived.

Meeks: “But when the door was open all I know of is that they were screaming.”

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J.D. Miles: “You wanted to kill somebody?”

Meeks: “Hell no. I have never killed anyone in my whole life.”

J.D. Miles: “So why did you do it?”

Meeks: “The one that was in me at the time was Dan Hester and I didn’t know it was him.”

Meeks claims to have multiple personalities and has posted videos of himself walking the streets of Dallas expressing his paranoia about the world around him.

He said he regrets killing the young woman who had her whole life ahead of her stolen for no reason.

Lin Wang

“I’m sorry to her family to her family,” said Meeks. “To her family I know you don’t wanna hear this but I am so sorry I’m sorry that I had to be connected or associated with the loss of your loved person here. In all honesty the sooner they can put me to death I think it’s the best for everyone.”

Meeks says he has been homeless off and on.

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He also says that police officers often stopped him to make sure that the large knife that he carried was legal.