By Andrea Lucia

ROWLETT, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A burglar didn’t take much from a Rowlett woman’s home, but police say graphic pictures and a sexual note he left behind point to a much more disturbing motive.

The victim told officers she returned home from work Wednesday to find her bedroom trashed and all her possessions rifled through.

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“He went through her dirty laundry and her panties,” said a friend of the victim, who asked we not use her name.

She said the intruder used the victim’s camera to take pictures of his genitals.

“Some standing up. Some he was laying in her bed,” said the friend.

Attached to one was a note she says read, “Been seeing you around here. You’re fine as f***.”

She says it also told the victim if she wanted him to return she could “leave your window open sleep naked and put some porn on.”

“He indicated in his notes that he was infatuated with her and that he had been following her and watching her,” said Detective Cruz Hernandez.

Hernandez, who is leading the investigation, says the suspect entered through a window and focused solely on the victim’s room, ignoring other parts of the house.

He also left without taking her computer or valuables.

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“Property was taken, but it was more of a personal nature. Low value. So his intent was to enter in order to relay this message and provide these photos to the victim,” said Hernandez.

Police also confirm the suspect appears to have left behind fingerprint and DNA evidence, which they say is now being processed in hope of identifying him.

“He, I guess, pleasured himself,” said the victim’s friend, who said bodily fluids were found at the scene.

In a post to the Nextdoor app, the victim herself told neighbors she was sharing her story “hoping someone has any additional information” and hoping “no one else has to experience this.”

“She just doesn’t feel safe anywhere. She is constantly worried, looking over her shoulder,” said her friend.

Rowlett Police say they are prioritizing the case and canvassing the neighborhood for home security videos that may have capture the intruder.

They shared one video obtained already showing a man reported as acting suspicious in the area two weeks before the burglary and a block from the victim’s home.

Officers say the man is not currently a suspect, but they are eager to identify him.

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surveillance image of person of interest in Rowlett burglary