FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Lawyers for a Fort Worth family that filed a restraining order to keep their child on life support at least two more weeks, have told Cook Children’s Medical Center it can no longer release information about 9-year-old Payton Summons.

Summons went into cardiac arrest more than a week ago. Doctors revived her heartbeat and she was placed on a ventilator.

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They found a large tumor in her chest.

Payton Summons (Tiffany Hofstetter)

A test was done to determine if Payton had brain activity. She did not and doctors at Cook Children’s declared her brain dead.

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Cook Children’s Medical Center said it can no longer speak to the media about Summons after hearing from the family’s lawyer.

The hospital released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

Cook Children’s has been informed that we no longer have the ability to speak to media about Payton Summons.

Although the family previously signed a consent form authorizing the release of information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we have been notified by the family’s lawyer that the family has revoked their consent for us to speak about Payton’s condition.

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Unfortunately, this means that we are no longer able to provide detailed, factual information regarding this case. We’re disappointed that the family has revoked their authorization because we believe that accurate information facilitates fair, balanced and informed reporting.