DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Visions of a sparkling new Valley View Mall have remained a dream. Instead, the North Dallas mall stands frozen in time.

“It’s hard to believe that in North Dallas, you’d have a property that’s become blighted, and that’s just really unfortunate,” says Dallas City Council Member Lee Kleinman.

Beck Ventures owns the majority of the site. It paused plans after the city withdrew its $36 million developer agreement, citing missed deadlines. As the stalemate – and months – ticked on, the city filed a lawsuit against Beck’s Dallas Midtown three weeks ago, slapping fines for a laundry list of code violations.

“Potholes, high weeds, graffiti, and there was lots and lots of trash on this property,” says Kleinman.

It also included a list of Fire Code violations, citing “substantial danger” in a mall that is still partially occupied.

“I think that was when the city attorney, who is very reluctant to file lawsuits against private property owners, finally said, ‘You know what? We’ve got to do something, because now we have a real life safety issue,'” Kleinman says.

The city also sued developer EF Properties, who owns the former Valley View Macy’s site, for code violations. CEO and President Rich Enthoven says they’re working to address the code violations and prepare the site for future development. Beck Ventures says they are unable to comment due to pending litigation. Even with the lawsuits piling up, Kleinman says he believes at least part of the 430 acre redevelopment will still come to fruition.

“I’m very confident it will happen. I don’t see how it could not happen with just the underlying property value here,” he says.