by Erin Jones | CBS11

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A pair of teenaged twins are being credited with helping to save a woman’s life. They knew what to do when she collapsed and was unconscious.

Christy and Riley Winkler have been side by side since birth. They spend all of their time together and said as twins, you always have someone to be there for you whenever you need it. Yesterday morning, that showed.

As the two Clark High School sophomores left volleyball practice, a woman collapsed in front of the gym.

“Everybody was freaking out and then I saw Riley come and get coach,” Christy Winkler said.

Christy started running towards Riley and Clark High School Athletic Director Tom Kailey.

“I’m always with her so I just thought, you know, it was natural,” she said.

They said the woman had no pulse so Kailey started CPR while they ran inside the gym, calling for a trainer to open a box with an (automated external defibrillator) AED inside. Once they got the AED, they ran back outside.

“It was like I was in slow motion and I felt like I wasn’t going fast enough,” Riley Winkler said.

“We then put the AED on her and were able to shock her,” Kailey said.

“Nothing else mattered, it was just her and doing whatever we needed to,” Christy said.

The Winkler sisters talk to Erin Jones (CBS11)

The woman, Julie Coon, is recovering. Her husband said she is doing miraculously well.

Friday afternoon he introduced her to Kailey. She thanked him and the Winkler twins and for saving her life.

“I’m extremely proud,” Kailey said.

“It’s so important I think for people to know how to take charge of a situation like that and I’m glad that we both knew what to do,” Christy said.

“We’re pretty speechless about it,” Kim Winkler said about her two daughter’s actions. “They’ve always been pretty amazing kids, but yesterday it was unbelievable.”

The Winkler twins said they were just CPR and AED certified last week as part of Plano ISD’s curriculum. They never thought they’d have to put what they learned into play this quickly.