UPDATED | October 13, 2018, 10:11 PM

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Emergency officials reported a tornado touched down in Navarro County as severe weather rocked through North Texas. Waxahachie High School suffered damage as those storms moved through the area.

At around 2:17 p.m., the emergency managers in Navarro County reported the tornado was north of Angus and was crossing over I-45 moving east. The tornado has not yet been confirmed.

In Hill County, pictures showed damage from a possible tornado in Hillsboro with scattered debris and an overturned RV. There was a tornado warning for the county in the afternoon, but there has no been word of a confirmed tornado.

Hillsboro damage

Hillsboro damage

Ellis County saw a tornado warning in the afternoon. There were reports of damage near Waxahachie High School, but there has not been any confirmation yet of a tornado touching down in the area. An official with the city’s emergency management said there were about two dozen people at the school at around 12:53 p.m. when the reports started appearing.

Damage at Waxahachie High School from powerful winds. (CBS11)

Lt. Rob Best with the Waxahachie emergency management said there were reports of ceiling tiles falling and shattered windows due to powerful winds. There were no reported injuries. He also said they haven’t received other reports of damage in the city except for near the high school.

The Waxahachie High School is a new building that just opened in August, the assistant superintendent said. She told CBS 11 there were about 25 theater students inside the building for workshop during the storm. They took cover as soon as the weather alert was sent out.

Officials released surveillance video from inside Waxahachie High School as the storms blew through the area. In one video, a door can be seen being blown off and into a hallway due to strong winds. In another video, the heavy rain and wind can be seen outside.


In the metroplex, heavy rain was the issue through the morning and afternoon as reports of flash flooding made areas dangerous for drivers.