(CBSDFW.COM) – Dak Prescott made it his mission to show once and for all what he and this team are made of.

He accomplished the goal by throwing for two touchdown passes and running for another in the Cowboys 40-7 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Our timing was just right for this team to play at this level. Obviously Dak had an outstanding game.” Jerry Jones said following Prescott’s performance.

The timing seemed especially right, considering the amount of criticism pointed at Dak Prescott and the coaching staff following the Cowboys’ overtime loss to the Houston Texans last week.

“We know what we have. We know what we’ve got.” Prescott said. “It’s important for us to stick together, stay confident, and know the team that we have. It was great to put it on display.”

Jacksonville’s so-called best defense in football had no answer for the quarterback, who recently has had everything questioned about his ability and accuracy.

“I mean the man can throw the ball.” rookie wide receiver Michael Gallup proclaimed in defense of his quarterback. “I don’t know why they say he can’t throw the ball. He can throw it. We just need to catch it for him. That’s all we’ve got to do.”

Runing back Ezekiel Elliott agreed.

“We have the talent, we have the talent. We have the best O-Line in football. We have weapons on the outside. Dak’s a great quarterback.” Elliott said. “Today, we went out there, and we showed them who we were.”

Dak’s motivation for this performance wasn’t based on his desire to prove the naysayers wrong. It was based on a desire to prove his high school football coach correct.

Haughton High School Head Coach Rodney Guin watched Prescott grow up on the football field. Guin was in attendance Sunday at AT&T Stadium to watch Prescott’s professional career continue to grow against the Jaguars.

“He told me he was coming to the game. He told me just to go out there and be myself,” Prescott said after the game.

“He’s always had a lot of confidence in his self and his ability.” Guin said shortly before embracing Prescott after the game. “He’s adversity his whole life. He’s worked through that from the time he was small. Adversity now, he’s used to it. He’s going to battle all those deals.”

For weeks, Dak has been under fire. But, for now, the quarterback has silenced his critics.