ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Arlington Police are still waiting for someone to come forward to help find the man who opened fire on a driver in front of his wife and children on Monday night.

The road rage crime has reopened an old wound for another family still waiting for justice in their son’s death along the same stretch of highway.

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Dylan Spaid would have turned 21 this Friday.

Dylan Spaid (credit: Spaid Family)

His father Shawn will spend it like almost every day since June 25, 2017, driving past the spot on Interstate-20 where his son was shot and killed by a passing motorist.

“It’s always always on my mind,” said Shawn Spaid.

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Someone opened fire on Dylan and his girlfriend while they were driving in his truck on a summer night.

He was killed and she was injured from what police said was a typical case of road rage.

“At the beginning they said they had pictures of the car so I was hoping somebody got the license plate or something… now it’s who knows,” said Spaid, who said he started to lose hope when police told him the license plate on the car wasn’t readable.

Dylan’s father can only shake his head over this week’s road rage shooting.

“Courtesy is pretty much lost on the roads. It used to be if you used a blinker people would slow down. Now if you use a blinker, they speed up and block you off. Common courtesy is just gone,” said Spaid.

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The only clues left in Dylan’s death are the type of car the shooter was driving — a black BMW sedan.