(CBS11) – This song is truly a lost hit from 1990 and I think it should have done better on the Billboard Hot 100 than it did! And it doesn’t sound like a song of the 90’s either!

Jude Cole (born Jude Anthony Cole on June 18, 1960 in Moline, IL) got his start with the group The Ravens but later joined the British group, The Records, on their 1980 album, “Crashes.”

Afterwards, Cole went out on his own. All told he released five albums from 1987-2000. He is today the manager, producer, and co-writer for the rock band Lifehouse. He has also written the musical score for three motion pictures with his business partner, actor/director Kiefer Sutherland. He is married to Lori Pfeiffer (younger singer of actress Michelle Pfeiffer).

“Baby It’s Tonight” was released in 1990 off of Cole’s second album, “A View From 3rd Street.” It hit #16 on Billboard in May 1990. Written and produced by Cole on the Reprise label (a Warner Music label), and running 3:37, the lyrics go like this:

Won’t you pick up the phone
‘Cause I know that you’re home
Too many words have not been said
For us to be living alone
Now all of the fighting
And all of the tears
Well they don’t matter now
Another night falls dark and lonely
And you’re the only one that I can turn to

If I ever needed your arms to hold me
Baby, it’s tonight
And if I ever needed your eyes to heal me
Baby, it’s tonight

I first heard this song locally on KDMX-FM/Dallas, known then as “MIX 102.9” (it is referred to today as “1-0-2-9 NOW”), and is a Hot AC station. Their former midday personality, Lisa Thomas, played this song all the time!

Listen to it and see what a great song this is. Great talent, great lyrics and great music!