By Robbie Owens

BENBROOK, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A deadly week for children at school bus stops across the nation ended with a close call in North Texas.

“I was running to the school bus and the car hit me,” said 6-year-old Aden Rogers.

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Aden Rogers (CBS11)

“There are no words to describe the feeling that I was feeling,” said his mother Rachel Rogers. “Literally, I’m still shaking just thinking about it.”

Hours later, Rachel Rogers was still rattled.

“This car just comes out.. I was just like, I mean, I couldn’t even think!”

Police in Benbrook, south of Fort Worth, confirm a driver Friday morning ignored the flashing lights and safety arms and drove around a stopped school bus while horrified parents watched from the sidewalk.

“It felt like hard, rock rubber… and then I fell on the ground,” said Aden who told CBS 11 that he closed his eyes as the car struck him. “The car didn’t hurt that much, but the concrete hurt.”

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He is still too innocent to realize how close he came to adding to what has been an awful statistic. Yet this wee,k he is one of the lucky ones.

National Safety officials say more than 120 children are killed each year trying to go to or while on the school bus.

Meanwhile, it is illegal in all 50 states to pass a school bus. Nevertheless, a survey found that more than 15 million Americans did so illegally during the previous school year. That’s an average of nearly 85,000 potential crashes involving kids every school day.

And not all of them walk away with just a few scratches.

“When he got hit on the side and he goes flying… I mean, like 3 feet,” said Rachel. “I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing. My heart stopped.”

She said she is so grateful that Aden wasn’t seriously injured. But, all week has had a knot in her stomach thinking about the children who would not return home to their families. She’s asking for drivers to slow down, pay attention and never drive around a stopped school bus.

Police in Benbrook tell CBS 11 they identified the driver involved in the morning accident and said she will be charged. Driving around a stopped school bus could also carry a $1,000 fine in Texas.

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“All I could think was just grab him, and just hold him close to me,” said Rachel.