DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Denton police officer Yancy Green is now hailed a hero after helping to save the life of a baby minutes after the child was born in a car.

On Tuesday Officer Green was on his way to a suspicious person call when he was rerouted to help with a report of an unresponsive person.

The 6 year veteran of the Denton police force was only 30 seconds away from the parking lot on the 900 block of W. University avenue where he quickly came across a man who waived him down.

The man told him his wife had just given birth in the car.

“Hey my wife just delivered a baby and I don’t believe my baby is breathing,” said the frantic father.

Green walked over to the car and saw the mother laying in a seat with the baby on her chest seemingly lifeless.

The baby was blue so Green wasted no time starting life saving procedures.

“I started giving the baby pats on the back and was about to pick up the baby but I saw the umbilical cord was still attached.”

Then after a few more moments, while clearing the newborn’s airway he noticed the first sign of life .

Green said, “Took a deep breath and as I was pinching it started crying.”

The mother and baby were taken to the hospital and are said to be doing well.

For his efforts, officer Green was recognized during a ceremony on Friday before his peers and higher up at Denton PD.

He said it felt good to receive the recognition, but it feels even better knowing the baby will be ok.

“The baby will get to enjoy life, hopefully a healthy life.”