GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Grand Prairie ISD said Grand Prairie High School special education teacher Tiffany White has resigned from the district.

White had been suspended for the incident caught on camera phone in a classroom in which she appears to spit towards a student.

Grand Prairie Police told CBS 11 Friday afternoon, Grand Prairie ISD is moving forward with pressing charges against White for disruption of a classroom, a Class C misdemeanor.

atiffany Special Education Teacher Accused Of Spitting On Student Resigns

Tiffany White (Grand Prairie ISD)

Video of the incident surfaced online earlier this week.

aspit Special Education Teacher Accused Of Spitting On Student Resigns

Grand Prairie High teacher (Texas Latino Media 2018)

Grand Prairie ISD said in a statement Thursday, “Due to the nature of that interaction, the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave and will not be returning to the classroom. The safety and dignity of our students is paramount to providing a nurturing environment where students can learn and be successful.”

The parents of the student allegedly spat upon chose not to press charges.

White denies spitting at anyone and calls the incident a big misunderstanding.

Friday afternoon, White sent CBS 11’s Erin Jones the following statement:

“I want to apologize for any misconception that is coming from the video. I just want to make clear I did not spit on a student or anyone. Unfortunately, I was talking and chewing ice at the same time and slightly choked on the ice and it came out of my mouth. The ice was not maliciously spit nor aimed at anyone. The unfortunate part of it all is the video does not capture my consistent coughing and choking afterwards.”

Friday evening she texted Jones again with the following statement:

“I absolutely love kids and everything that has to do with helping them become our future. It has always been my passion to be an advocate for kids and because I have a special needs child, I have total appreciation for the all avenues of learning. It saddens my heart that people think that I could do such a thing, however my passion and love for Education will continue.“


Comments (3)
  1. She defiantly intentionally spit! That she would lie about it compounds the action and discredits the student once again. I believe the parents of this student should press charges.

  2. Wendi Carroll Shifflette says:

    What a pig!

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