KELLER, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – For hundreds of voters in Tarrant County, finding a candidate they liked may have been easier than finding a place to vote. Many of these voters were sent away to another polling location from a popular early voting spot in Keller.

The county elections office is forced to keep staff at Keller Town Hall just to tell people they cannot vote there on Election Day and to send them to the right places.

At 7 a.m. Tuesday, there were people lined up at the popular early voting location to vote on Election Day. Those voters were met with “Today you need to go to, this location,” as workers pointed them in the right direction.

Election workers said it is like that every major election because of Keller Town Hall being a popular early voting spot in Tarrant County.

The city tries to let people know through newsletters and social media, but voters show up anyway, forcing the county elections office to staff workers at the location all day on Election Day.

Most actual Election Day polling locations are littered with signs and patrolled by campaign workers, which was the first clue for some voters that they were in the wrong spot.

“When I showed up, I thought, ‘where is everybody?'” said one voter.

Most people end up finding that the correct place is within a mile or two of the town hall.