by Erin Jones | CBS 11

LEWISVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Lewisville mother is on a mission to stop the man who severely injured her son from becoming a free man.

Stephanie Knibbs said her son, Aiden Gamez, can’t walk or talk because of what her former babysitter’s boyfriend did to him.

“He isn’t a normal 8-year-old,” Knibbs said. “He’s equivalent to roughly about an 8 to 9-month-old.”

Aiden Gamez (Gamez’s family)

When Aiden was 4 months old, Knibbs received a call at work from a 911 dispatcher telling her Aiden was in the hospital.

“I immediately left work,” Knibbs said. “Dr. Cox from Children’s Hospital said your son is a victim of child abuse. We were like what, how is that even possible?”

Knibbs said Aiden’s babysitter left Aiden with her boyfriend, Phillip Pitts, when she went to the grocery store.

Court documents show Pitts later told police he was annoyed by Aiden’s crying, slammed him down on a bathroom sink counter and shook him. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime in 2013.

“He filed for an appeal through the court of appeals and they granted him an appeal,” Knibbs said. “He’s out on bond walking the streets of Carrollton.”

Court documents show Pitts believes the attorney who handled his original plea didn’t properly investigate or pursue possible defenses.

“We are going to be reliving this nightmare again,” Knibbs said.

Knibbs said Pitts is now awaiting a new trial. She believes he is still a threat to the public and is hoping the legal system will, too.

“He lost his temper once, he can do it again,” she said.

She said she doesn’t want what happened to Aiden to happen to anyone else.

Knibbs has created a “Miracle Aiden” Facebook page for her son.  If you’d like to connect with her, click here.