DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas man is being praised for coming to a Dallas police officer’s aid by pinning down a man who was trying to attack the officer.  All while bystanders allegedly were recording video with their phones.

It happened at Ross and Henderson Friday afternoon. The officer said 30-year-old Tetus Powell was trying to attack him while most of the people around him were just shooting video. He said passer-by Steve Mabry was the only man who stepped in to help.

Mabry said he was driving down Ross near Henderson when he saw the officer on the ground struggling with a man who was trying to take his taser.

“I didn’t even think,” Mabry said. “I pulled up here real quick and jumped out of my truck, asked him what he needed me to do and he told me to grab his arms… so I grabbed his arms and pulled them straight.”

Mabry said the officer told him it appeared Powell was high on PCP, and someone had called 911 reporting he had entered a nearby restaurant with a gun and was ‘acting crazy.’

“He was totally out of control, very erratic and saying things that didn’t make sense,” Mabry said.

They held him down until back up arrived.

“It was kind of an out of body experience,” Mabry said. “It seemed like it lasted forever.”

Officers arrested Powell for assault of a police officer, attempting to take his weapon and evading arrest.

The officer said he got away with just a few scrapes and strains, which might not have been the case without Mabry’s help.

“He was very appreciative of what happened,” Mabry said. “I know he would do the same for me because he does every day. I mean you got to back the police department.”

Powell has an extensive prior criminal history. According to police records, he has been arrested more than 20 times in Dallas County.