(CBS 11)With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I couldn’t think of anything better than going holiday shopping… with Jack Benny! 

Benny and his staff produced a “Christmas Shopping” show for both his network radio and TV shows on CBS. Simply called “The Christmas Shopping Show”, Jack and Rochester (Eddie Anderson) are in a department store and have friends/colleagues on their shopping list. But taking care of a customer like Jack was a chore

In this episode, Jack decides to buy some jewelry for his “girlfriend” Mary Livingston (who was his wife in real life) and runs into the floorwalker, played by Frank Nelson (“Yessssss?”).  After a funny encounter with Nelson, he goes to jewelry department and meets the sales lady (played by Maxine Semon). I won’t spoil it for you as to what happens next but you will love it!

Originally aired on the CBS Television Network on December 15, 1957, this episode also stars Dennis Day (“OK for me to sing now, Mr. Benny?”), Mel Blanc (the greatest voice characterization professional ever), and Richard Deacon. You may remember Deacon from his role as Mel Cooley (Alan Brady’s long-suffering producer) on CBS’s Dick Van Dyke Show and as Fred Rutherford (neighbor of June and Ward Cleaver and father to Lumpy!) on ABC’s Leave It To Beaver (he actually appeared in both shows concurrently). 

Happy Shopping with Jack Benny!!