UPDATED | December 7, 2018, 5:45 AM

MCKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – McKinney city councilman La’Shadion Shemwell has been arrested and charged with continuous violence against family.

Shemwell was booked into the Collin County Jail Thursday where he was charged with family violence.

shemwell McKinney City Councilman Arrested, Charged With Continuous Violence Against Family

La’Shadion Shemwell (Collin County Jail)

According to court documents, Shemwell is accused of being violent with the mother of his children. The most recent incident happened last week at her workplace, and when he was contacted by police, he admitted to engaging in what he called a “key battle” but denied the assault.

The arrest warrant affidavit shows an alleged incident that happened in February where he was arguing with the woman and became violent over text messages from another man. And in June, there was another argument over text messages between the two that allegedly ended in violence.

According to the court documents, Shemwell was charged with “continuous” family violence because were were two or more alleged incidents within the past 12 months.

He has since posted bond and was released from jail.

The embattled councilman was the subject of an arrest in May when he was pulled over for a traffic citation in McKinney. The known-activist against police brutality had claimed he was racially profiled when he was pulled over.

He was then arrested when he refused to sign the traffic citation, sparking public interest about the councilman.

Comments (3)
  1. JJ Hughes says:

    Many have said it’s impossible to get 20,000 votes in 30 days on an issue… let’s prove everyone wrong and get that many signatures by end of month and put this petition on Mayor George Fuller desk by Jan 1st!

    Let’s see just how much McKinney Cares!!!!


  2. Danielle Jessica Pellett says:

    I’d love to see if the McKinney police have ever arrested a white man for being “Violent over text messages”.

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