By Ken Molestina

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A new wellness trend spreading across the country has some folks in Dallas jumping on board.

Becca Menhart, the general manager at Stretch Zone in Dallas, said with the holidays upon us there is added stress and many customers are seeking relief by having their bodies stretched.

“Everything is getting so busy this time of year,” said Menhart. “We’re all trying to jam in workouts and dealing with our families and everything we have going on.”

Customers at Stretch Zone are greeted by professional personal trainers who are also trained in stretching techniques.

A person lies down on a stretching table and they have their body stretched at precise areas during 30 minute sessions.

“I carry tension in my body I carry stress in my body. So this not only relieves my stress from my day job,” said customer Cody Chelton.

“I love hearing that people get better sleep after even just one session,” said Menhart.

Stretch sessions at Stretch Zone begin at $35 for 30 minutes.