SCURRY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman prided herself in making her business selling tamales across North Texas since 2005.

Carlos Cruz said his mother’s kitchen table was the place to gather around during the holiday season with a big plate of her hand rolled tamales.

“Everybody always asked – you got the tamales?,” said Cruz.

Tena Cruz opened Tamales Over Texas in 2005 and visited shopping centers and farmers markets across North Texas ever since.

Cruz said the chicken, pork and beef tamales are the traditional ones; however, Tena liked to get creative.

“She was mega inventive,” said Cruz. “She had turkey and dressing. There was like a cheesecake one. People were saying these are the best tamales ever.”

This was supposed to be Tena’s biggest season yet.

“She was geared up too,” said Cruz. “She was like this is going to be a big year.”

Just a few weeks ago, Tena passed away unexpectedly.

“People are like ‘I’m sorry to hear about your mom’ you know so you just kind of you get numb to it because it’s like I’m going to start making a joke because my mom wouldn’t want me to be sad or nothing,” said Cruz.

Cruz said his mom prided herself on giving people a reason to smile.

“Her goal was to be the person in somebody’s life that they could go to,” said Cruz. “Anybody can carry mom’s legacy on if they just start loving more and more each day.”