NEW ORLEANS (CBSDFW.COM/CBS SPORTS) -There was a little mascot mayhem before the 2019 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

No. 5 Georgia and No. 15 Texas square off on the gridiron on Tuesday night, and the Bulldogs already have the play of the day.

Prior to the game, Bevo, the mascot of the Longhorns, saw Uga sharing his sideline and was none too pleased with the Bulldogs mascot.

Let’s break down this video a bit. When you crank up the audio, it’s clear that Bevo had is eyes on Uga before he came on camera. Because of that, it’s safe to assume that the Sugar Bowl nearly turned into the Running of the Bulls, Bourbon Street style. With the Texas Longhorn steer serving as the lone opponent to his human challengers.


People on the CBSDFW Facebook page were split on whether the incident was funny or serious.

Courtney Brianne said, “Folks could’ve been really hurt. Bevo needs better handlers.”

“They need to stop brining him there, seriously,” said JoJoyce Davis.

Terrie E. Sickels said, “Bevo came to play! Lets Go Texas Longhorns!”

RW Singley added, “Bulldogs had the play of the day? I think the Longhorns won that skirmish!”

But Karen Kruger Jarrell put it this way, “Live animals should not be mascots! The noise and chaos must be very stressful!! Time to put a stop to this before someone or some animal gets hurt!!”