DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)The Oval Office address by President Trump on border security was watched by federal employees who call the Metroplex home.

Lisa Schaub and her family had dinner at home, something they have been doing to tighten their belt in preparation for a government shutdown.

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“We have tried to be fiscally responsible so we have cash reserves to carry us through several months,” said Schaub.

Lisa Schaub works for the EPA (CBS 11)

Lisa and her husband both work for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Schaub told CBS 11 she will begin looking for work outside the federal government if the shutdown continues.

Her husband her been with federal government for nearly 20 years, and they know shutdown can bring a family to a financial breaking point.

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“He had said something about maybe after six months he would start looking for something else. I don’t think I’ll wait that long. I think within a month, I’ll be looking,” said Schaub.

The Schaubs say they are fortunate to be able to save.

Some of their colleagues aren’t in a financial position to do that.

Schaub said the toll will also be felt by taxpayers.

“There’s a tendency not to realize how much out federal workers do for the public,” she said.

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