by Erin Jones | CBS 11

GARLAND, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Homeowners in one Garland neighborhood say they are at their wits end about what they say happens on a daily basis around Routh Roach Elementary School.

It’s all about how parents go about picking up their children.

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“We have to plan everything around the 3 o’clock hour,” Elizabeth Sarles said. “You cannot get out of the neighborhood.”

traffic near Routh Roach Elementary School (Erin Jones – CBS 11)

Thursday she pointed out parents double-parking in front of her home. Their cars were planted in the middle of the street for 30 to 45 minutes as they waited for the elementary school to let out.

“I’m a hostage in my own house,” Willa Reece said.

Reece said she’s felt like this for years.

“My husband passed away three years ago and while he was an invalid his caregivers that were coming to help me had trouble getting into our home anytime between 3 and 3:30 to 4 in the afternoon,” Reece said.

“It’s just dangerous,” Sarles said.

Sarles said she realized just how dangerous this is when her neighbor needed medical attention.

traffic near Routh Roach Elementary School (Erin Jones – CBS 11)

“They needed the ambulance and fire truck to come through and they weren’t able to get down the street,” Sarles said.

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“Then the other issue is the alleys,” Sarles said.

Sarles said after parents pick up their kids, they use surrounding alleys to speed out of the area.

“Sometimes there are just children by themselves walking,” Reece said.

“The school said it’s the city’s problem and we’ve contacted the city and they say it’s the school’s problem,” Sarles said.

A Garland ISD spokesperson sent CBS 11 this statement:

“We always want to be respectful of our neighbors and ask that parents picking up students follow procedures for that purpose. The campus provides directions to parents about parking and dismissal procedures for student pick-up.

The principal met with the neighbor and talked to the parents involved when the first complaint was made in the fall. The principal sent out an added reminder to all parents about dismissal and parking and notified the school resource officer.

A second complaint was made Wednesday and the school resource officer was notified by the campus. The neighbor making the complaint indicated she had contacted the city.

Ultimately, school staff do not have authority beyond school property; however, we will do all that we can in conjunction with the city and Garland Police Department to work towards improving this situation.”

Garland police are now aware of the situation and said it will be addressed. Starting Friday, extra patrols will be added to the area to try and alleviate the problem.

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On top of this, it is illegal to double park on a city street. Violators can be ticketed.