DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Federal employees are planning another rally at Dallas Love Field next week.

They haven’t settled on a day yet, but with the shutdown not coming to an end, federal workers said they have to do something.

“Today I started my application to do some substitute teaching,” said Sarah Frey, a federal employee.

With only two or three weeks worth of savings left, Frey said she’s trying to survive the government shutdown.

“We’ve really cut back our spending,” said Frey, the Environmental Protection Agency employee who’s also the primary bread winner in her Arlington household. “We just bought our house in June and so a large chunk of our savings was spent to buy this home, and I’m aggressively paying off all my student loans.”

Many businesses and organizations in the Metroplex are stepping up to help government workers.

From free tickets to museums and movies, to groceries at the food banks.

Plano ISD sent out an email to all parents Wednesday reading, “Letting federal employees know that their change in income means their children could qualify for free or reduced-priced meals at school.”

Plano ISD said they’ve received 76 applications since the email was sent out two days ago.

“It’s really comforting knowing that people are realizing it’s not just some federal employee somewhere out in DC that’s affected,” said Frey. “It’s people’s neighbor’s. It’s people’s families down the street.”

While the unions representing federal workers said they’re keeping up pressure on Congress, Frey said she hopes others will join.

“Absolutely number one thing you can do and it’s free for everybody is to call your representative, call your senators,” said Frey. “They have to listen to us. We’re the people. We put them in the office, so they need to respond. Senate needs to have a vote on the house resolutions hat have been passed, and it’s free.”

Apart from the rally planned in Dallas next week, federal employees are also marching in the MLK march Monday.