DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A list of non-citizen voters compiled by the state of Texas is shrinking by the day.

Last Friday, the state claimed close to 100,000 non-citizens in Texas voted statewide.

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Dallas County said Wednesday the list of non-citizen voters given to them by the state is wrong as they are finding American citizens on there.

Julieta Garibay is one of the people flagged by the Texas Secretary of State as being a non-citizen voter.

Julieta Garibay (CBS 11)

Garibay became an American citizen in 2018 and voted that same year.

“I mean it’s outrageous because we have gone through the process. We are exercising our right to vote,” said Garibay. “It’s really outrageous that without even doing the duly work of investigating who’s on the list, why are they there. Just going out there and sounding a very false alarm.”

Like her, many new American citizens, who registered to vote at time they were not citizens or using a non-citizen ID, legally voted when they were actually citizens.

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“It’s been a long process and I’m not taking lightly to be a U.S. citizen,” said Garibay.

They ended up on a list sent out by the Texas Secretary of State to county election departments across Texas, including Dallas County.

Where the state said just under 10,000 non-citizens voters should be kicked off the voter rolls, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says 1,715 U.S. citizens have been found on the list provided to them by the Secretary of State.

“If people don’t know their rights and they don’t know what to do they might give up on the system,” said Garibay.

In Tarrant County, some 4,700 voters have been flagged. In Collin County, another 4,600, although some have already been eliminated from the list because they are citizens.

In Denton County, they have requested new list from state.

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None of the counties in North Texas have kicked any voters off the list yet, instead going through they call a tedious process of checking to see who is and isn’t a citizen.