LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Some kids on a championship that didn’t know how to swim a few years ago are now district champions, competing against some of the best in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Carter High School in Oak Cliff has lane six at the UIL regional swim meet. Four years ago, the school didn’t even have a swim team.
“My coach saw me in the hallway one day and said ‘When are you going to come to swim practice?’, and I was like, “We have a swim team?,” said Tailon Garrett, a junior at the high school.
James Spencer started coaching four years ago and built a new swim team from scratch.
“We just started looking at some of my football players and trying to find us some kids in the school,” said Spencer. “See if they can swim, some of them could, some of them couldn’t.”
He pieced a team together and taught them the basics, first. He started with the butterfly and the backstroke.
Last week, the team won the District 15-5A championship.
They’ve gone from non-existent to the pride of the school in just a few years.
“You walk down the hallway and they’re like ‘I’m going to be in the swim team next year’,” said Garrett.
However, the Carter kids are still swimming upstream.
They don’t have a pool at the school to practice at. Most of the team only swims during off seasons from other sports.
“We go against a lot of athletes that swim a lot of club, that’s their primary sport,” said Spencer.
Although this is the largest Carter High School has ever had at a regional swim meet, they won’t be advancing to state.
Coach Spencer said the goal is to have a group that can compete at a statewide level.