DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)  – Police in Dallas have arrested a man who briefly eluded them, first on foot, then by car and again on foot.

The shirtless, tattooed man took off in a SUV, crashed through a black apartment gate, hit a street light then took off on foot again. A mother and her children scurried out of his way.

Bloody and running, he climbed over a brick wall into a nearby residential area.

He tried to steal another car but was unsuccessful.

Then he ran into someone’s attached garage, through the home and came out the front door.

“He broke in. He tried to break the bedroom door down. And so my neighbor said, ‘Leave —  I have a gun. Leave!’ And the guy wouldn’t leave,” said Eddie Trevino who lives nearby and saw the commotion as police arrived and followed the man inside.

Police caught up with the suspect at that point, cornering him in the homeowner’s garage.

Moments later, paramedics carried the bloodied suspect out on a stretcher.  The homeowner inside was not hurt.