FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – No injuries were reported after a truck careened into several cars in a parking lot at Bell Flight in Fort Worth.

In an email to CBS 11, officials said, “A two vehicle accident [occurred] at this location where a large vehicle with a trailer was forced off the roadway.” Bell flight is located at 3255 Bell Flight Blvd. in Fort Worth, TX.

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Truck Smashes Into Parking Lot Smashing Multiple Vehicles

One witness at the scene told CBS 11 via email, “A flatbed truck crashed into Bell Flight parking lot. Over 14 cars involved. At the corner of Highway 10 and Bell Flight Way in Hurst.”

Others at the scene told CBS 11 there was a traffic collision near Bell Helicopter between a large pick-up truck and an industrial size truck that had a fork lift on the back. The large truck went off the road down a steep hill and through the fence of the parking lot.

Multiple vehicles had been struck according to video CBS 11 obtained from the scene. Several sedans, pick-up trucks and one Hummer all appeared to have been hit by the truck.

At least six vehicles appeared to have been pushed sideways into each other by the force of the impact. Others were scattered throughout the parking lot along the path that the errant truck was traveling.

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There were deep tire tracks in the grass just previous to where a black metal fence had clearly once been standing.

Officials said no injuries were reported at this time.

Truck Smashes Into Parking Lot Smashing Multiple Vehicles



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