by Brooke Rogers | CBS 11

UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Motorized scooters will likely soon be popping up around the SMU campus.

After student leaders protested a decade-old ban, University Park agreed to give the controversial modes of transportation a chance, temporarily.

Almost all of the Birds are gone from the SMU campus. Bird Scooters, that is. Flocks of Bird and Lime scooters covered SMU and downtown Dallas months ago.

” I had classes that were really far away, so I could just really quickly in the morning use it and get there in just a few minutes,” says student Elizabeth Kelley.

They could soon be back, after University Park agreed to make exceptions to the scooter ban as part of a trial program.

motorized scooter (CBS 11)

Now, the University is in a transition phase to allow the scooters on some campus streets and sidewalks near campus.

“They definitely can be dangerous, because you don’t know. There’s things you don’t see, there’s people you don’t see, and you can definitely hit someone,” says SMU student Blake Miller.

Miller understands both sides of the scooter debate, having nearly been hit by a car on one.

“I was right by a main intersection. I just didn’t know if I was going to get hit, go in the street, and then, scary, honestly,” he says.

Under the new rules, Scooter riders must be at least 18, and the scooters will be limited to 10 miles an hour. They’ll have geo-fencing to keep them within the boundaries. Despite the dangers, Miller thinks proceeding with caution is the right idea.

“Just be careful on it,” he says. “Don’t be reckless, don’t do anything stupid. Just get from point A to point B. Stay on the street or on the sidewalk or wherever it’s safe, and keep it at that.”

The trial program will last until June. City leaders will take a look at compliance then and will make a decision about the future of the scooters then.

Motorized scooters are still banned in the rest of University Park.