by Brooke Rogers | CBS 11

CARROLLTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Carrollton woman left work Monday night to find her van in the middle of a busy street.

It’s not where she left it, but thanks to surveillance video, she could tell who hit her and how.

“You can see my shattered glass from where my vehicle was,” Carolyn Lang says, showing CBS 11 where she parked her van, a legal spot in downtown Carrollton.

van struck in Carrollton hit-and-run (courtesy: Carolyn Lang)

“When I came out, the back end was sitting right here, out in the middle of the road,” she says. “Basically ripped my vehicle open like a tin can.”

A hit-and-run soon solved with the help of surveillance video that shows an 18-wheeler make a narrow turn and take the van she uses for her disabled son with it.

“That’s a really tight radius for an 18-wheeler to try to squeeze through, so he obviously swerved really wide to try to make the turn,” she says.

The video helped her identify the transportation company, which she says is cooperating with her insurance, but between narrow streets and a growing downtown, her greatest concern is for the safety of her community.

“I’m just hoping that maybe from this something positive can happen down here on this square, as both a citizen, a patron, and a business owner, that the city can do more to try to create safe routes for 18-wheelers and then provide more actual parking on this end.”

A City of Carrollton spokesperson says through trucks are not allowed in the area but that there’s nothing they can do about trucks making local deliveries. She also says construction on 140 new parking spaces should begin this spring.