by Erin Jones | CBS 11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)As Juan Carlos Suarez recovers from several broken bones after being pushed under a DART train just starting to move Monday, some riders told CBS 11 they are on edge. 

Juan Carlos Suarez

“I make sure to watch my surroundings at all times,” Endia Futrell said. 

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Futrell rides the train almost every day. She said during business hours, she feels safe, but doesn’t recommend riding late at night. 

“You never know what is going to happen,” Futrell said. “People can do anything.” 

“A lot of people out here are bad, no where to go,” Condonas Jackson said. 

Jackson said he sees fights and drug deals almost every week and has witnessed a robbery.

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“Where somebody got robbed sleeping on the train,” Jackson said. “I try not to sleep now.”

In recent years, security improvements have been made.

After a passenger was attacked in 2017, DART vowed to do more to keep riders safe, adding security cameras to trains and extra officers to its busiest locations.

DART attack

Even though the improvements were made years ago, given Monday’s attack, some riders are just now noticing.

“They need to be on every DART train,” Byron Brown said. 

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Riders recommend staying away from the edge of the platform and sitting on the benches while waiting for the train. On top of that, they want to remind people if they witness crime, report it to DART Police.