DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The debate over reinstating a curfew for teenagers in Dallas continues Sunday.

The NAACP Dallas Youth Council weighed in on Sunday on whether the curfew should go away for good

The teenagers who spoke said the curfew unfairly targets minorities and could impact their futures. They said they have personal concerns about the juvenile curfew.

They said they believe the ordinance is outdated and argue that many teenagers are not roaming the streets, causing trouble.

City leaders said they should not rush to a solution.

Police Chief Renee Hall spoke at a public hearing and said crime hasn’t spiked since the curfew expired last month.

It allowed police to question and even cite minors on the streets during school hours or between 11 p.m. and six a.m.

Corinne Dorsey said she thinks it’s ineffective. She said many of her friends are out late working jobs or involved in extracurricular activities.

“We are for no curfew at all,” said Dorsey, the president of the Dallas NAACP Youth Council. “But we are for police officers to maybe seek out other outlets to keep youth off the streets, maybe initiatives for kids to be inside, community service, or something like that.”

Hannah Henderson, 17, said she thinks it is ineffective. She said she stays late because of choir and volunteering and has to wait for her parents to pick her up because she doesn’t have her driver’s license.

“I don’t want anyone to be hurt because of this or targeted because of extracurricular activities, like myself,” said Henderson, the NAACP Dallas Youth Council vice president. “I feel sometimes it’s unsafe for me. It’s kind of scary to be approached by a police officer bc you’re doing something right.”

City leader said they plan to revisit the issue in 30 days before deciding whether to reinstate it.