(CBSDFW.COM) – A new poll released Thursday morning has President Donald Trump essentially tied in possible 2020 presidential matchups with former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke and former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming election among Texans.

The Quinnipiac Poll created a hypothetical 2020 matchup for O’Rourke and Biden as the two have not confirmed a decision to run in the presidential election.

The university polled 1,222 Texans on the upcoming presidential and Texas Senate races.

The poll has Trump at 47 percent and O’Rourke at 46 percent in a neck-and-neck race. Between the current president and former vice president, the poll has Trump at 47 percent and Biden at 46 percent.

Trump would have a slight lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders at 47 percent to 45 percent, according to poll.

The university said Trump would have leads among other Democratic candidates due to a shift among independent voters

According to the poll, Trump would have a slightly bigger lead over candidates like former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. These three are officially running in the 2020 election.

As for the Texas Senate Race, the Quinnipiac Poll has Sen. John Cornyn and possible challenger O’Rourke tied at 46 percent. The poll has O’Rourke winning over independent voters at 47 percent to 40.