DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As Dallas ISD students return to school Monday, district police are increasing patrols near some Oak Cliff schools.

There are reports of students being robbed at gunpoint after leaving school for the day.

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Adriana Morales and Diana Guerra said a gun was pointed at their 7th grade sons Friday over a cell phone.
“Even though mine says he’s okay, he’s still pretty shaken up and traumatized by it,” said Guerra.
Morales and Guerra said they now don’t feel safe letting their kids walk to and from school anymore.
They said the incident happened after classes had ended at L.V. Stockard Middle School. Their sons were down the street with friends waiting for the ice cream man to arrive.
“Three boys and a little girl and they said all of a sudden a black Chevy Impala came up.” said Guerra.
They said four guys got out.
“With a .38, with a revolver, told them to get on the ground,” Guerra said. “They asked for the phone and they told them no. They said okay, if you don’t get on the ground I’m gonna shoot you and kill you. So they basically got on the ground and they put them on their backs.”
Guerra said her son told her after the robbers took their cell phones, the kids started running. Some of the students alerted their parents who called 911.
“It’s scary of course because you never think it’s going to happen to your kids,” said Morales.

Parents sent CBS 11 a letter that they said the district sent Friday. The letter acknowledges instances of students being robbed at gunpoint for their belongings, specifically cell phones.

Students who were targeted were waiting alone or standing at a bus stop after dismissal.

The letter doesn’t state how many incidents have been reported or list specific times or locations. It appears they don’t have a suspect.

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CBS 11 spoke to parents in this neighborhood who have children who attend nearby schools. They are warning their children to be more vigilant.

“Be careful always,” said Ramiro Cortez, a parent of DISD students. “Be careful with themselves. Make sure that they keep their eyes open you know. I think it would be good for the community to come together and do something about it.”

Parents said they’re considering creating parent patrols to watch kids coming to and school. They are also reminding students to use the buddy system and to keep their belongings in their backpack.

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“If it happened to our kids, it’s going to happen to somebody else and what if the gun had gone off?” Guerra said.

Morales and Guerra said they’ll be meeting with school officials tomorrow.
They want to stress no material item is worth your life. They’re asking parents to tell their kids if you find themselves in their sons’ position, always give the robbers what they want want.