by Erin Jones | CBS 11

WYLIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas woman said she could’ve lost her daughter and granddaughter over the weekend after they got caught in the middle of a road rage incident.

It happened around 9:30 Saturday morning off Highway 78 near Sanden Blvd. in Wylie.

Judy Faldon said her daughter, Jessica was driving her 7-year-old, Bailey, to gymnastics, heading south on Highway 78 when the crash happened.

Bailey and Jessica Merritt (courtesy: Judy Faldon)

“They’re fine, they have injuries and they will heal,” she said. “There were two black trucks already involved in this road rage and it was like they were trying to catch up with each other, cutting each other off.”

Faldon said witnesses said one of the trucks moved in front of her daughter.

“He whipped it around in front of my daughter and then slammed on his breaks,” Faldon said.

She said as her daughter tried to change lanes, she collided with the other truck ultimately going off the road, through trees and into a ditch.

Jessica Merritt’s car in ditch (courtesy: Judy Faldon)

Jessica Merritt’s wrecked car (courtesy: Judy Faldon)

“That person left my daughter and granddaughter in that ditch and drove off,” Judy Faldon said. “What human can do that? You know that you saw that. How could you do that? With her being my only child, blood child, and granddaughter, that was my life.”

She hopes this serves as a lesson.

“If I can stop one more person from having road rage when they realize the implications, I will step up and do whatever I can on my part,” she said.

Jessica Merritt after crash (courtesy: Judy Faldon)

Wylie Police are investigating the incident.