MCKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A McKinney mom said she is trying to figure out what led a teenager to pull out what appeared to be a gun at a crowded park and point it at her and her baby.

Hailey Newton said 18 year-old Gbyron Veasley pointed it at her, her 5-month-old daughter and several other parents and kids at Katherine B. Winniford Park Sunday afternoon.

According to police, it turns out what was thought to be a gun was actually a BB gun. Newton said when Veasley walked up to her and her baby, she didn’t know the difference.

“He pulled his hand out of his hoodie pocket and had a gun, pulled it back,” Newton said. “Started pointing it at me, everybody else, all the kids.”

Newton said parents started running.

“I just felt this deep rage go over me and I felt really hot and really mad that he would put my daughter in danger, all the other kids in danger,” she said.

She said she too grabbed her daughter and called 911, telling dispatch the teen hopped a fence into a neighborhood. She said police found him just 15 minutes later.

“The officer that came was talking to us. He was holding my daughter as we filled out the reports,” she said.

Police identified the 18-year-old suspect as Veasley, who is now in jail. After police found a BB gun on him, he was arrested on disorderly conduct and discharge/display of a firearm.

Gbyron Veasley mugshot (McKinney PD)

Newton said if she could talk to his family, she’d tell them she’s glad no one was hurt.

“I hope this teaches him a lesson and I hope that his family can help him figure out what’s going on to where he has to do this,” she said.